Cancer’s finally giving me something to write about.  But I promise you this blog is about so much more.  It’s about facing life with your eyes open, and choosing joy because the alternative is giving way to a life you don’t want to live.

I found a lump in bed one night as summer began in 2018, and knew something was wrong.  But I had just turned 38, and was certainly too young for C*@#*R.  That was a menopausal woman’s disease, not mine.

I was diagnosed shortly after, with Stage 2 Invasive Breast Cancer.  My doctors assured me they had caught it “early” and it was very unlikely chemo was necessary, given how small the tumor was.  3 days before my scheduled mastectomy, I discovered a nut sized lymph node in my armpit.  So much for that early talk.  Conversations changed from simple pill popping, to chemotherapy, radiation and hormone therapy.

After a double mastectomy, I completed 5 months of chemotherapy, a few months of radiation and am currently on a 10 year oral treatment.

Please follow me, as I write about the funny & not so funny parts of cancer; but mostly about my total reliance on the sovereign God who controls every detail of our lives.