How you make me feel

I already told you about Joe.

I haven’t told you about Scott, or Karen.

Scott went to NYC on a spontaneous whim last week and saw 4 shows in 3 days.  FOUR!  His favorite was Carousel.  Something about the whimsical throw back set design mixed with “If I Loved You..” he said.  He couldn’t quite put his finger on it.  He doesn’t understand why it’s doing so poorly at the box office.

Karen’s son is playing freshman football.  But the starting JV quarterback got injured, so he was asked to play “up” for the next few games.  She was giddy & proud how a momma should be when her baby does well.

Joe, Karen & Scott are regular nurses who get paid, I’d imagine, a regular wage.  I asked Scott this week why he chose Oncology.  He said “I can’t change the outcomes for anyone in this room, but I can change their days.”  He then pirouetted with his shadow dancer over to the next chair, with a quick glance to make sure I saw.  A giant grin spread across my face.

Why am I writing about Joe, Scott & Karen?

Because they’re authentic.  And I’d like to be friends with them, in real life.

And if HIPPA wasn’t such a drag, I’d include pictures of my new friends.

They make me think of a favorite quote of mine, by one of my heroes….

Image result for maya angelou quote about making people feel


These nurses have challenged me to pause when I’m with my child and she needs me, not an answer.  Pause when I’m taking the recycling out in my bathrobe and my neighbor still stops by to chat.   Pause when my phone rings, and I think “Why don’t they text?  Who calls anymore? This better be an emergency…”

So let’s stop fussing about how we look, what we say, what we did, and start caring about how we make them feel. 

And speaking of how I look… (this is all about me, remember??) I’m going bald TONITE!  I’m starting to look like one of those freaky Peruvian hairless dogs.

Image result for peruvian hairless dog

So stay tuned for my next post for my big bald reveal.  Pictures will most certainly be included!

Love you guys!  And please feel free to share this with anyone you think might enjoy =)

One thought on “How you make me feel

  1. Oh sis, I wish I were with you…to hear about Scott’s serendipitous trip to NYC…and Karen’s momma pride. I wish I was with you to see Joe’s kind & compassionate smile and sincere eyes. I want to go pick out hard candies, which ultimately all get rejected. I’m sure, like Scott, you will also “change their days” not only of the other courageous sojourners in their barka loungers, but also of the nursing staff who also need encouragement and joy and Jesus infused into their often difficult careers of caretaking in the hard places. Missing you and Nena and the fam so very much. Love, Sissi


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